Why outsourcing your IT partner makes sense if you’re in banking.

Kristianne Azzopardi

As a banking institution,even if you’re just about a start-up, you need consistent support with your IT from a qualified professional. Often this comes in the form of an in-house employee, especially in the early days.

However if you are still a start-up and growing, it will be rather difficult to fulfil all your requirements with one IT person, because IT people and requirements come in many flavours, shapes and forms. It is practically impossible to find one person can handle every aspect of your IT and security infrastructures efficiently at expert level.

This is why it is important to align an outsourced IT partner that has various specialists on their team. As you grow this will be a big help as well. As you requirements change due to the amount of people you employ you can be sure that our IT requirements will always be satisfied. You can work on an agreement that gives you what you need when you need it, especially in times of urgency.

Another great advantage is that when you need to grow your IT team, you will already have a very clear idea of what expertise you require and how much time each aspect of your IT management requires.

It may be likely, if you’re not big enough yet, to keep an IT outsourced partner for the long term on a yearly contract. This will help keep your clients happy. Banking customers expect quick response and get very frustrated if your systems are down. An outsourced IT partner means that in case the worst happens. you will have enough hands on deck – or rather on call, to tap into the expertise of the right professionals that will resolve you pressing requirements.

Another important aspect is that in case of a big problem, you can focus on your customer service channels and let your outsourced professionals work on the problem. It is however very important that the professionals you work with have a long term relationship with your company. They need to know your systems inside out, so that they can help you quickly and efficiently. If you do no not have an IT partner, when the worst happens,

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