If your business is into big data, then a Microsoft SQL server could be exactly what you need to save and retrieve any data and information which is pulled from other third party apps and software.

What is an SQL Server?

To get your head around what an SQL server is, it is important to understand that ‘SQL’ is a specialised language used in programming which is coded specifically to handle data from other sources. It’s full name is ‘Structured Query Langauge’.

This programming language is then used to power a central machine which stores the database and communicate with other machines which do not have the capability of translating different forms of data.

If you ever wondered about a universal translation device, then an SQL server powers a machine which does that for data. It collates, stores and in turn distributes data in a format that other machines can understand and process.

There are different types of SQL servers which are tailored to different stress levels. Using SQL for an airline and a B&B, for example, are two completely different requirements.

How does SQL help businesses?

SQL was create with the sole aim to manage databases which can include client addresses, inventory, stock, account numbers or any other form of data. It is a powerful language which will allow you to use filters to make specific queries.

For example, if you wanted to look at car maintenance records, but limited only to air bag recalls, you could do so, eliminating all other data in the bank in its reports.

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SQL is easy to use

The setting up of SQL is relatively simple for a programmer. Coding is a big thing in the digital world, but SQL is one of the simplest software languages available. Once set up, it is as simple as entering a query and applying filters and you are good to go.

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SQL makes it simple to be organised

Keeping your databases neat and tidy can involve a lot of manual entries, deletion and amendments. With SQL, this becomes a thing of the past as it, by design,  makes things very hard to mess up. SQL safeguards businesses against manual mistakes and helps keep things in order and up to speed.

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