Microsoft 365

Most businesses around the world use the Microsoft 365 software suite in most of their core operations.

Microsoft used to adopt a one size fits all approach, but things are rapidly changing in the business sector as cloud-based software can offer bespoke solutions to individual clients.

Cloud-based software is versatile, but having a desktop or network install can give you the peace of mind of data recovery, expansion of services and more control over your business activities.

Microsoft 365 comes in three tiers – Business, Enterprise and Education.

What is M365?

Most tech writers agree that Microsoft 365 is the complete package which includes Windows, Edge browser, Office, Skype and much more.

Moreover, it can be synced with mobile apps on your portable device, meaning that you never have to miss a beat. It also works with iOS.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most exciting things about Microsoft 365 is the adoption of AI and machine learning. Gone are the days of old fashioned spellcheckers.

Microsoft Office now learns on the go and will offer more suggestions based on your past behaviour and the behaviour of other users which it gathers from the cloud.

Similarly, all other apps in the suite learn from their users and tailor machine decisions according to the user. This can range from security setup to reminders.

Microsoft 365

Working with teams

Microsoft 365 retains many of the old favourites, such as Outlook and other staple apps. However Microsoft Teams, a collobarative workspace, is becoming more and more popular for businesses wishing to streamline operations and keep things in once place.

Microsoft 365

Storage and security

Microsoft One Drive has come a long way since being a novel way to store your photos online. One Drive has become one of the go-to platforms for businesses wishing to store data securely online and it has gained momentum since the GDPR regulations came into effect in the EU.

Why take the risk of saving to desktop when you have the opportunity to take advantage of Microsoft’s juggernaut security system?

If you sign up for Microsoft 365, you get 1 terabyte of storage and Skype for Business accounts which can be linked to your business.

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