Azure Virtual Machine

Azure Virtual Machine is a solid solution for businesses wanting to boost their computer power without having anything physically present.

Purchasing computer assets is a costly affair, especially in this day and age when tech can become obsolete in a matter of months… enter the virtual machine.

What is the Azure Virtual Machine?

If you want to boost your computing power, virtual machines are a powerful tool with which you can do so. Microsoft’s Azure is the most popular business cloud services provider on the market… let’s break down what their virtual machine can do for your business.

Think of it this way, the Azure Virtual Machine can replicate anything you want to do in your system, but without being physically present on site. The system is also isolated, meaning that it is an ideal testbed for software or processes that you may wish to try out without affecting the rest of your operations.

Need to run complex prototype payroll software, without altering your real time operations? Enter Azure virtual machine…

Safeguard against malware with Azure Virtual Machine

Have there been a hacking attempt, or has your payment system been hit by a virus? It would be business suicide to try and access that data to test it on your IT system.

Because Azure Virtual Machine is isolated, you can test any threats without compromising your working system. Azure Virtual Machine is – pardon the pun – virtually impregnable; because of its isolation safeguards.

Secure and well-managed virtual machines

What do you need to run Azure’s Virtual Machine?

Because everything related to the system is virtual, the one thing you do need (and a substantial amount of it) is bandwidth. Your queries will need to access CPU power, storage and networks.

In order to take full advantage of the service, you will need a good amount of bandwidth to compensate for the processes your business needs to run.

Experience open source, with options

What can you test on Azure Virtual Machine?

Need to check third party software for compatibility, glitches and bugs? Don’t compromise your system, use Azure Virtual Machine.

Do you want to test your system’s security? With this platform, you can test it to the extreme without compromising your own data. Push the envelope and rest assured that any failure will not impact on your operations.

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