What is Azure Storage?

Storing big data is becoming more important as businesses look to draw insights from every source possible. But how do you know which type of online storage is ideal for your business?

Microsoft Azure’s cloud storage is virtually infinite

1 terabyte might be ample storage for some businesses, but for others it is a mere drop in the ocean. This is where Azure’s strengths come into play. There are many cloud-based storage solutions, but the best thing about Azure is that it integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft and many other third party applications.

In addition to functionality, this platform offers virtually unparalleled compatibility with the boost of tried and tested security.

Types of storage Azure offers

Do you know your Blob, from your Table, File and Queue? Azure offers various packages and the standard one comes with the above. You may be wondering what they mean. Blob allows for ad hoc storage of data in something called ‘buckets’.

Put simply, this setup allows you to store files and their meta-data including videos, mp3s, audio files, documents and other similar data.

Table storage, as the title implies, is used to store tabular data and is particularly conducive to non-SQL data (PERHAPS CROSS LINK HERE TO SQL ARTICLE).

Azure File Storage is tailored to legacy applications using SMB protocols. Queue storage, on the other hand, is for exchanging messages and commands through HTTP or HTTPs. Premium accounts offer storage on solid state drives to ensure better security and disaster recovery. Premium storage only supports Blob format.

Microsoft uses Azure Storage

Is there any better testament to product which is used by the creator? Microsoft uses Azure Storage for many of its big products including XBOC, Bing, Skype and others. If its good enough for Microsoft then it should be good enough for you. With durability, scalability, competitive price plans and fantastic support, this is one of the leading cloud storage solutions available on the market today.

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