Azure Functions

Gone are the days of big server racks and massive computers when it comes to storing data and developing software.

This millennium has ushered in the era of serverless computing. One of the best examples of this is Microsoft Azure Functions, which delivers event driven cloud computing tailored for app and software development, testing and beta phases.

Through Azure Functions, you can author and execute code within the cloud while not having to rely on the more clunky net servers and containers.

Self-contained Azure Functions

Azure Functions allows developers to run very small coding items without compromising a whole program which is still being developed.

As a result, developers have a free hand in conceptualising pieces of code which may be changed or replaced within the main program.

Features of Azure Functions

Microsoft Azure offers the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service as well as Platform as a Service.

Functions is intuitive and its browser based programme which allows for easy coding.

Developers can choose between using programming languages like C#, F#, Node.js, Python, PHP or Java.

Because it is an event driven system, it has the capability to implement code and trigger a response by events occurring in any third-party application or inhouse system.

This delivery model ensures that computing resources are available to demand.

Although Azure Functions is serverless, it also supports Continuous Integration through GitHub, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services and different development tools like Xcode, Eclipse and IntelliJ.

Extending SaaS applications

Features of Azure Functions

Azure Functions also offers integration with a huge variety of Azure services including Azure Notification Hubs, Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hub, Azure Service Bus, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Storage and more.

Microsoft Azure Functions is scalable and can also be used on a pay as you go model.

This means that you can scale up or down according to when you need to use the coding features, meaning that you save money when compared to using a fixed price-package.

Your developers will also save time deploying apps by uploading pre-compiled executables so they don’t need to write the code from scratch each time they need to implement a fix or reaction.

Azure Functions Monitor Events

Azure Functions has readymade built in templates containing a collection of pre-defined functions that display the operating state of affairs.

This acts as a repository whenever developers need to insert additional complicated functions. These include HTTPTrigger,

TimerTrigger, GitHub Webhook, Generic Webhook and many others.

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