Azure Backup

One of the greatest threats to any business in today’s digital age is the threat of an IT system crash or a data breach. In such an event, disaster recovery is needed and it is need fast.

One of the best ways to ensure that your data will be available within the smallest possible timeframe is to back it up onto the cloud with services such as Microsoft Azura backup.

The benefits of Azure Backup

The first thing any business owner needs to know before committing to an Azure Backup solution is that it only works on operating systems from Windows 7 onwards.

The first obvious advantage of using Azure Backup is that you don’t have to shell out tens of thousands of Euros on your own inhouse servers. Storage plans are competitive and free up store space and capital that will facilitate your cash flow.

The second advantage of Azure Backup is that you do not need a dedicated IT person to take care of maintenance and any glitches that may hit the system. Your data is maintained by Azure’s team of professionals.

The third advantage is that Microsoft spends a great deal of resources and money on making sure that its security is watertight. This means that your data is more secure within the Azure framework than it would be on public data storage servers or onsite.

Azure Backup is scalable – meaning more savings

As part of its drive to engage more customers by offering bespoke solutions, Microsoft Azure only charges customers for what they actually use in terms of data storage.

Microsoft will only bill you per Gigabyte user per month for backups which are zipped down to ensure less space is used.

Azure does not charge users for data uploads and downloads to the system. It is also very generous insomuch that it does not charge users for data bandwidth in the event of restoration in a disaster situation. Put simply, your business is only charged for what it uses in storage each month.

Azure only charges for compressed backups and by the GB each month, making it highly affordable and customizable to your business needs. With unlimited data transfers, you also don’t pay outbound or inbound data transfer during a restore operation from the Backup vault.

Reduce unnecessary costs

Azure makes sure your backup is safe

No system is immune from disaster, but Azure safeguards against such events by carrying out backups three times per day, ensuring that the latest data you provided is kept safe in the event of a major outage.

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