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Microsoft 365

Most businesses around the world use the Microsoft 365 software suite in most of their core operations.

Microsoft used to adopt a one size fits all approach, but things are rapidly changing in the business sector as cloud-based software can offer bespoke solutions to individual clients.

Cloud-based software is versatile, but having a desktop or network install can give you the peace of mind of data recovery, expansion of services and more control over your business activities.

Microsoft 365 comes in three tiers – Business, Enterprise and Education.

Microsoft 365
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Office 365

A quick bit of research on the web immediately shows that Microsoft Office boxed sets are not as good a deal as Office 365 online.

The change took place about two years ago when Microsoft realised that they could offer better deals to clients if they provided the word processing suite through online download, eliminating the cost of burning it to DVD and packaging it up.

Microsoft still does offer boxed sets, but if you switch machine, you need a brand-new copy. Office 365 gives you the option to purchase multiple accounts at the click of a button.

Office 365 allows up to six users to install Office applications to 10 computers, regardless of whether they use the Windows or i0S operating platform. Activation is through personal Microsoft accounts.

Setting the system up is easy, once you pay for your subscription, you head to the Office website, log in and click “Install Office Apps”. You can also do this on portable devices through the usual channels – App Store and Google Play. Windows 10 also offers a handy built in app to register and download the relevant applications.

Azure Backup

One of the greatest threats to any business in today’s digital age is the threat of an IT system crash or a data breach. In such an event, disaster recovery is needed and it is need fast.

One of the best ways to ensure that your data will be available within the smallest possible timeframe is to back it up onto the cloud with services such as Microsoft Azura backup.

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Azure Virtual Machine

Azure Virtual Machine is a solid solution for businesses wanting to boost their computer power without having anything physically present.

Purchasing computer assets is a costly affair, especially in this day and age when tech can become obsolete in a matter of months… enter the virtual machine.

Azure Active Directory

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory can often intimidate users with it’s seeming complexity but the reality is quite the opposite.

In fact, most businesses will have already used some of its services through Office 365.

For example, if you are creating user profiles in Office 365, you are in fact using Azure AD. Azure Active Directory should not be confused with the onsite Active Directory which provides similar functions but is altogether different.

To break things down further Azure AD can create databases that only classify a few fields such as username, real name, company position and of course, password.

When the database is created, it is stored onto Azure Cloud Services through Active Directory. Microsoft Azure AD is offered without charge, however, there are Basic and Premium packages.

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Azure Functions

Gone are the days of big server racks and massive computers when it comes to storing data and developing software.

This millennium has ushered in the era of serverless computing. One of the best examples of this is Microsoft Azure Functions, which delivers event driven cloud computing tailored for app and software development, testing and beta phases.

Through Azure Functions, you can author and execute code within the cloud while not having to rely on the more clunky net servers and containers.

Azure Storage

Storing big data is becoming more important as businesses look to draw insights from every source possible. But how do you know which type of online storage is ideal for your business?

Azure Storage
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SQL Database

If your business is into big data, then a Microsoft SQL server could be exactly what you need to save and retrieve any data and information which is pulled from other third party apps and software.

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