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Evolis Card Printer has now updated its offering in introducing a new patented range of high-quality consumables: Evolis High Trust. This brand focuses on supporting user requirements in printing on plastic cards.

ECO Design


Aims to reduce the environmental footprint of its product and prioritizes the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing of its printers and consumables.



Improving your brand and products’ image with high-quality printing give a professional image of your product range



Supports any requirement in card printing and encoding, in medium to large runs.


Card Printing

PVC Card printing.

This process applies a colored layer from a ribbon onto the flat, plastic surface. This transfer is performed by a thermal print head that increases the temperature of the ribbon’s color layer.

For color printing, this layer turns into gas and reverts to its solid state on the superficial layer of the plastic card. This process is called sublimation.

Monochrome printing

Monochrome printing uses a single color. This is a very cost-effective process for personalizing pre-printed cards. It stands as the ideal solution for cards that do not require color personal elements such as a picture

Colour printing

Evolis printers offer professional printing with the superimposition of the 3 primary colors (yellow, magenta and cyan) to add more depth and crispness to an image. This process makes it possible to optimize the quality of printed images and logos with a 300 DPI resolution that guarantees expert presentation.

Encoding magnetic stripes.

A magnetic stripe is the dark band/stripe which is featured on the reverse of a bank card, for example. The stripe is made up of tiny magnetic particles embedded in a resin

How to encode a plastic card with a magnetic stripe?

The Evolis printers offer magnetic stripe encoders as an option. This highly flexible solution for personalization will fully encode the magnetic stripe of a card within minutes.

Magnetic cards
EVOLIS High trust

The Evolis High Trust Label.

Evolis Card Printer has always been at the forefront of innovation by creating quality-focused products.

The Evolis High Trust range provides the following benefits:

  • Premium quality products
  • Ease of use
  • A technology design to make printing tasks simple for the user
  • A key enabler in maximizing the lifespan of an Evolis printer
  • A limited environmental impact

Software Solutions

It’s easy to create and personalize all your cards with the cardPresso software. Already chosen by more than 100,000 users worldwide, cardPresso is available in 18 languages:

Intuitive software that requires little training for users

• Total creative freedom: use your own design or choose from dozens of available card templates
• Advanced functionality: encoding (magnetic stripe, contact and contactless chip), database management, etc.
• Free updates
• Several software versions to meet all your needs
• Compatibility with Mac and Windows® environments
The cardPresso software comes as standard with the Zenius, Primacy, Avansia, and Quantum printers.


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