Wireless Access Points

Unified wired and wireless networks powered by cloud management and services

Aerohive’s cloud networking technologies with unified wired and Wi-Fi access provide self-organizing and self-healing connectivity, reduced operational cost and complexity, and greater data insights. Supported by the industry’s most flexible and adaptable architecture and licensing model, our cloud-managed access networks can be fully tailored to match your requirements both today and tomorrow.


Unique WLAN architecture

Innovative Cooperative Control protocol suite enables secure, scalable, high-performance, and mission-critical wireless networking in a manageable and cost-effective way.

  • Powerful intelligence embedded in each & every Aerohive access point creates a cohesive, self-reliant system and eliminates the need for centralized controllers altogether
  • Best-path forwarding allows traffic to be securely forwarded between devices via the most suitable path in the network
  • Secure, granular policy enforcement at the edge before the wireless LAN traffic ever traverses the wired LAN

Here are the three main benefits of Aerohive’s architecture:

  • Cost Savings as controller hardware, software, and licenses are all eliminated
  • Operational Simplicity due to the inherent resiliency, security and self-healing characteristics of the system
  • Scalability and Flexibility owing to the elimination of controllers and the grow-as-you-go architectural feature
Centralized Management

Centralized management

HiveManager reduces complexity & cost with a single interface for centralized automation & management. Offered as a public or private Cloud solution, HiveManager delivers a new approach to the deployment and support of modern access networks.

Cooperative control

Cooperative control

Aerohive’s unique distributed control Wi-Fi increases speed, scale, and resilience for enterprise networks of any size. State aware protocols self-heal, determine best path forwarding, and optimize client performance based on the environment.

Dual 5 GHZ control

Dual 5 GHZ control

Software-Defined Radios (SDR) utilize HiveOS to evaluate current and historical RF conditions and reduce contention by automatically reprogramming radios to operate in Dual 5GHz mode (manual control available). This process dynamically optimizes performance and increases network capacity in ever-changing environments.

Unparalleled real-time visibility

Aerohive’s unified wired and wireless dashboard provides real-time visibility and deep insights increasing the overall performance and intelligence of the network

Aerohive gives administrators the ability to measure and monitor their end users’ activities across all application types and devices. With the help of deep insights, Aerohive access points not only create an intelligent infrastructure to support the growing influx of devices, but provide reliable access and security to maintain business integrity. The outcome – higher network performance, lower latency, and more productive end users.

Unparalleled real-time visibility

Aerohive connect

Connect is ideal for organizations that have basic connectivity needs but expect to utilize network visibility, security, and other enterprise Wi-Fi features in the near future.

  • Planning Tools – RF planner with Google Maps make it simple to design and monitor your Wi-Fi environment
  • Guided Configuration – Step-by-step configuration and intuitive network management makes anyone an instant Wi-Fi guru.
  • Auto Provisioning – Access Points automatically connect to management platform and download latest configuration and firmware, reducing operational complexity.

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