5 Main benefits of migrating your business emails to Microsoft 365

5 Main benefits of migrating your business emails to Microsoft 365

Stefan Saliba

Microsoft 365 has been the go-to choice for businesses to organise their operations simply and securely.

The software programme, which can be installed on Windows operating systems allows companies to access business emails, documents and collaboration tools from any location.

Office 365 is integrated with numerous features which makes it a reliable and productive service. 

1 – Microsoft Exchange

This feature of Microsoft 365 gives functionality to IT administrators to manage and protect the organisation’s email communication. Email traffic is encrypted and protected by a series of firewalls, and malware protection. Microsoft invests millions into its security software.

 An added bonus of the system is that you can share documents in a communal space for access by team members.

2 – Augment Security Responsibilities

MS Office 365 maintains the overall data security actively and in real time. This means that users do not have to worry about their data security. Because all emails are scanned on their way into the system and automatically filtered out if they are deemed to be risky, your business will be protected against spam, viruses and phishing attacks. This will boost productivity because your team will be confident that they do not need to scan emails to ensure that emails do not pose any threat.

3. Mobility without Compromise: 

Mobile devices have become part of the way we work. Microsoft 365 allows users to sync up their email on any device including mobile phones, tablets or home desktop terminals. This means that they can check their work email through the 365 platform from any location. It also means that you have an added layer of security when employees access their email remotely.

4. Automatic software updates

Microsoft 365 updates automatically, meaning that your internal IT staff do not end up wasting time on having to configure updates for individual users. Each time an update is released, it simply installs and just needs a simple restart.

5. Costs

Moving to Exchange Online can save your business on costs as well. Email servers are massive infrastructure projects requiring regular maintenance and renovations.

Migrating to Exchange Online removes the need for your own email server. The Microsoft system is maintained by the company, meaning that you do not have budget for maintenance and upgrades. All the costs of hosting the server, including securing it, are covered by Exchange Online. Overhead costs are reduced dramatically, and factoring in Exchange Online’s security, data loss and disaster recovery services, the savings speak for themselves.

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