5 things you can do today to increase uptime in igaming

5 things you can do today to increase uptime in igaming Leave a comment

Alistair Dalli

Know your points of failure

In order to create a solid foundation for uptime, you need to do the groundwork to understand where failures often come from. If you’ve been in operation for some time, this should be easy. However this step should not be overlooked by start-ups either.Check your physical assets, whether they’re in your head office or a date centre make sure you understand how they fail when they do. Make sure you have the resources on hand to resolve these problems quickly and have a quick response team in place. If you don’t have the resources to have a server programmer on call make sure you address this by moving to the cloud (in a country with stable conditions) or getting a managed server with excellent support and uptime. Every potential problem needs addressing before it happens.

Server Capacity

Always make sure you have more capacity than you need. If you’re still using a central server, then you need to make sure you have more resources than you need. The surest way to ensure fast scalability is moving to the cloud and perhaps this is an option all gaming companies should consider. The trend is in fact already in full swing and those that haven’t migrated yet are planning the move already. The dread of the 503 error is too much to handle because it carries a hefty financial cost.

Have a traffic rerouting Strategy

What happens when your website is down? It’s important you think of this so that you can redirect the traffic to a place where you can still benefit from it. If you have other websites that can use the same type of traffic you can make sure you redirect the page to that right away. You could also simply opt to have an alternative page that might engage some of the users and is hosted in a different place.

Hack Yourself

Ideally don’t do this with the live site however it’s important that you spend time trying to find vulnerabilities in your own code.This will largely reduce the chances of being hacked. Check your APIs for bugs, your site for vulnerabilities. Be unrealistic blast your API with 4 time the request it normally gets and see what happens.

Keep your security up to scratch

Most downtime occurs due to a security breach so make sure you have a consistent long-term plan to upgrade your security and check its vulnerabilities. Keeping information private and making sure information can’t be changed unless the developers intentionally allow it is a very important aspects of API security. Make sure you run regular security checks and keep your security software up to scratch.

Keep in mind that as an gaming company you are more likely to be targeted by third parties because of the amount of valuable information you transact on a daily basis. So stay prudent and stay up-to-date.

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