Fleet Management


Regardless of whether you run a small workgroup, a busy department or a sophisticated print room, Sharp Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) with software solutions improve every stage of document management including document control, workflow management, secure document storage, document scanning, and more, we have everything you need to improve productivity and control costs.

Document Capture

Document Capture.

Our Optimised Scanning Solutions bring speed and efficiency to document capture. Scanning, indexing, filing, distributing, retrieving: all of these time-intensive tasks can be accomplished either automatically, when you’re scanning, or within seconds by touching icons on the MFP’s touchscreen control panel. Document capture has never been easier.

Output management.

Our Optimised Printing Solutions give you an easy way to control your fleet of printers and reduce costs. Output management software lets you see precisely how much your printers are being used, by who, and when; for example, and you can control the access rights for every printer on your network. It also gives you the information you need to make sure that the right printers are in the right locations for optimum efficiency.

Output Management
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications.

We all rely on phones and tablets to keep in touch and to access information. Our Optimised Mobile Solutions let you fully integrate mobile devices of all types with your network. As well as giving people an easy way to print information from their phones, tablets and laptops, our mobile applications help them securely scan and share documents while they’re away from the office.

Document Management and Document Workflow.

Our Optimised Workflow Solutions help everyone in the team to improve efficiency by streamlining repetitive tasks. Now you can scan documents and send them directly to the person, application or business function that needs them.

In the cloud or on your own servers, Sharp’s document management software makes business-critical information available to authorised employees anytime, anywhere from almost any device, including phones and tablets.

Fleet Management
Pre-press and Job Management Software for Production-class Printers

Document Management and Document Workflow.

Pre-press and Job Management Software for Production-class Printers.

For production environments, we offer Optimised Pre-Press and Job Management solutions. An intuitive drag & drop interface gives you effortless control of every job, letting you select an output device, prioritise jobs, balance workloads and much more.

A handy Job Preview function lets you check jobs before committing to a print run, you can share large jobs between devices to double or even triple the effective output speed, and use electronic job ticketing to speed up and simplify the workflow.

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