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Kenneth Saliba

When we hear about document shredding we automatically associate it with businesses that deal with highly sensitive information on a daily basis such as banks, lawyers and accountants. However identity theft and GDPR compliance make data shredding a requirement for any business not just the ones at very high risk.

As a business you are likely process payroll and client data in order to fulfil basic business processes on a daily basis. A person’s email, photo, address or phone number can all contribute to identity theft and therefore when such details are printed in physical format it is important that they are disposed of properly. So what are the instances where a regular business needs document shredding?

Document Shredding for payroll

The MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) requires you to keep your accounting data for a number of years. Many companies used to opt to simply archive the data indefinitely or until they run out of space. However with new GDPR compliance laws data can be kept only until it is strictly required by law. It is also to be disposed off responsibly meaning that it needs to be shredded.

Client Processing Documents – should you be shredding?

Another GDPR compliance regulation is to never keep customer data longer than you require. So if your client has ordered a product and you delivered and installed it, at that stage you need to ask the customer if they want to keep the data and how to keep it. If they opt to have you destroy the data then you will need to resort to shredding.

If you have a high turnover of Employees and clients it is unlikely a regular shredding bin is going to fulfil the shredding needs of your business. At Intercomp we have been dealing with new GDPR processes both for ourselves and our own clients and can help you book the kind of service that will cover you legally and provide peace of min without breaking the bank.

Together we can create a process or system based on a service that is provided regularly so that you can rest assured that you have both the processes and the proof of compliance in place.


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