Smart Document Capture for Banks

Kenneth Saliba

Remove a significant part of the errors that were happening throughout the processes. Workflows are faster and issues are handled same day due to the data being immediately available and errors flagged.

When the document is scanned it gets sent to the intelligent capture system. If it detects an exception it gets cued for checking by a back-office staff member for manual review. They then in turn work with the branch people to get the correct information.

When there are no exceptions the scanned item goes directly into the imaging system. We can actually tell the branch staff whether we have all the information required, before the customer leaves. This allows banks to do away with the expenses of a courier service and replace it with a faster more efficient semi-automated process which is very easy to integrate into current daily operations.

Apart from the savings, the best thing about using a smart document capture system for banks is that the times to get the forms submitted by the customers to the back-office are vastly reduced.

The document scanning system can be used to simplify many processes by adding automation and eliminating document loss and manual errors. These processes may include:

  • Onboarding new customersConsumer loan processing
  • Omnichannel banking
  • Compliance and verification checks
  • Back office redundancies
  • Eliminate document loss and manual errors

You can expect an immediate ‘straight through’ application form processing of around 40% upon first implementation. This will keep improving ver time as your keep improving processes and staff training.

The processes it supports are very simple and less error-prone. Once the system is in place and operating at optimum levels it becomes very easy to extend to other departments and branches.

Lexmark and Intercomp are great partners in document capture for banks. They help identify the right requirements and how the whole project will develop supporting the testing process from beginning to end, and further if required.

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