Dell and small businesses

Dell and small businesses

Bernard Sciberras

Dell and small businesses

The rate at which new startup businesses are popping up in all sectors of the economy is nothing short of astonishing and the difference between success and failure is very often down to having the latest technology.

Small businesses are often on a limited budget, sometimes struggling with restricted cashflow due to capital expenses and costs related to growing the business. So the question is, how do you get the best technology for your small business without breaking the bank?

Dell small business – Products and services tailored to small businesses

Dell technologies are some of the most advanced in the IT world and they tailor many of their products and services specifically to the small and medium sized business market.

Dell was founded by a single entrepreneur and helping young businesses flourish is part of the company’s DNA, enabling the company to understand the challenges and opportunities that are faced by growing businesses.

They offer computer systems as well as cloud based solutions that are tailored to small business clients’ needs.

Dell Security

More than 60 percent of businesses that were hacked in some way or form in 2017 were small businesses. Why? Because they often do not have the resources or the expertise to maintain a secure network.

Dell offers comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication (to-step and more) as well as malware and trojan prevention from a single source. This means that you can concentrate on growing your business, safe I the knowledge that you have robust and centralised data security.

Small Business Manageability

Dell knows that computer terminals or laptops at a small business will usually be used for more than one purpose. This is why they create machines that are manageable, user friendly and versatile. Dell’s motto for small businesses is: “Time is money. Save on both”.

Dell’s simple and easy to use systems incorporate management tools that integrate with Microsoft programmes to give you full control of your resources. This means less money spent on technicians.

Dell also offers five generations of full support over the depreciated lifetime of laptops. This means that if your laptop is still functioning well, you will not have to upgrade it because support for the model has been withdrawn.

Dell machines are built to last and their support mirrors this.

Reliability of Dell systems

Dell system include a reliability and performance guarantee with a full suite of services and support to firstly prevent issues and in the event of one happening, the ability to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Dell systems are also known for high standards of quality testing as well as continued development of reliability, usability, robustness and improved specifications and performance.

Move to the cloud

Dell’s cloud-based services are also tailored to small and medium sized businesses, offering scalable packages and apps. Dell understands that businesses do not always need the same amount of data capacity and therefore allow businesses to pick and choose the time they need more or less of it. This means that small and medium sized businesses do not need to spend more on data than they need to.

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