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5 reasons to choose Dell EMC

Stefan Saliba

Choosing the right IT hardware and software platforms that are right for you can be a headache, especially given the choice that is available on the market today.

One brand that has really withstood the test of time is Dell EMC. Dell was founded in 1984, with a mission to provide affordable and reliable computers with a focus on aftersales service. Dell expanded its business in October 2015 by acquiring Dell EMC.

1 – Dell EMC has a solid reputation

Dell has been manufacturing computers for over 20 years and has never compromised on quality. The components rarely fail and the machines are subjected to a battery of tests to ensure that they are up to scratch digitally and physically.

2 – Dell EMC’s guarantee

All Dell EMC machines come with a three-year next day guarantee. This means that on the rare occasion that something might actually go wrong with your machine within that time frame, Dell EMC will either rectify the problem or give you a new machine.

3 – Dell Helpdesk staff

It happens to the best of us. You might have knocked a setting or hit a key that made your machine do something it was not supposed to. Dell EMC’s helpdesk staff are not simply trouble shooters, they are qualified service staff. This means that they can help you quickly and efficiently.

4 – Many parts are standardised

If you want to upgrade your computer or replace a part, Dell EMC has the unique advantage of standardisation. Most of the parts are interchangeable between machines, meaning that things rarely go out of stock and the swap would be a straightforward affair.

5 – Prevention rather than cure

All too often, businesses end up having a catastrophic failure simply because a hard disk fails spectacularly and without warning. Dell machines have inbuilt warning systems to detect any problems before they manifest themselves. Sometimes such problems would require hardware replacement or physical attention, but Dell’s safeguards can often rectify the situation before it becomes a real problem.

Dell EMC believes in the concept that technology and computers should work and they should be built to last. While they are covered by a three year guarantee, it is not uncommon to see Dell EMC machines doing their jobs for up to 10 years. As long as they are looked after and serviced correctly and regularly, you can expect to change your Dell EMC setup as rarely as you change up the office furniture. Their longevity is one of the things that gives them so much value for money.

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