Opportunities for harnessing big data when migrating to cloud

Opportunities for harnessing big data when migrating to cloud Leave a comment

Stefan Saliba

Everyone will tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the main benefit of migrating to cloud is the centralization of company data. This has very positive implications for harnessing your company’s data to give you incredible insight into the past, present and future performance of your operations.

The cloud give access to all users and provides a reduced IT workload, small things that can make a small business more successful in the long term. It also provides a number of hybrid scenarios that allow a small business to find its best fit for the return on investment it is seeking.

Microsoft data reporting comes in 3 main parts on our cloud options. You can of course always opt for a single part and go for a hybrid set-up however all 3 offer great benefits.

The main areas of cloud cover business intelligence, financial management and productivity tools. Most people begin with the productivity tools as these need copay-wide access and offer greater flexibility than their on-server counterparts. However your business may also feel the need for better reporting, especially if you have access to a lot of customer data, this will make a very big difference in terms of the benefits you reap. With customer data comes business insight. The Microsoft dashboards are built for easy processing of BI data and also financial management. By having all your employee data (through project management tools), Business data (through BI tools) and Financial Reporting (through the financial management tools) you will be in a position to get a very detailed picture of your company’s performance.

By having data from all 3 parts you will not only be able to find the data but also interpret it more correctly. For instance, the data in your project management tool might help you understand why you are low on cashflow. This could help you break down project phases and billing is a way that helps you improve your day-to-day cashflow.

Getting easy access and clear reports from your small-company big data could have a very positive impact on your bottom line. Making sure your company moves in the right direction, faster.


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