How Cloud PABX systems bring your team together

Kristianne Azzopardi

Cloud PABX systems bring you the benefits of cost-savings on your remote and internal communications (even across branches) as well as bringing your whole team together.

New and improved cloud PABX systems such as 3CX, the preferred system by us at Intercomp and our customers, offer a myriad of tools that also enhance communication. Thanks to enhanced interactions using features such as video calls, private chat, whiteboards and screen-sharing collaborating between departments and international branches becomes much easier.

This not only enhances productivity in the short term, but is likely to have positive impact on your company’s profits because all your managers and departments can be more unified towards reaching their goals, in spite of being in different locations.

We choose 3CX, also because it doesn’t need much support and clients can autonomously administer the features they use on a daily basis. The systems also offer monitoring dashboards and automatic firmware updates that require little to no technical knowledge.

We are of course, always here to help, however we know that self-reliance means that our customers save time and money when adopting this type of PABX system.

The great thing about the Cloud set-up of 3CX is that it is highly scalable and it is easy to add new branches and new additions to the system as you grow. It also comes with great customer-facing features that allow you to integrate external customer calls with the internal productivity tools for better, more interactive customer service.

3CX gives you all the features you need today and as you grow and scale. You will never need to change the system even if your business changes drastically. This makes it highly reliable and offers great peace of mind. We practically give you a telephone system that almost comes out of the box (with a little help from IT support at Intercomp). The only thing missing when you unbox this product is the voice.

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