6 benefits of hybrid cloud computing for any business hybrid cloud benefits

6 benefits of hybrid cloud computing for any business hybrid cloud benefits

Stefan Saliba

Hybrid cloud computing refers to the use of mixed solutions for the deployment of your company’s IT infrastructure. It means using some software that is hosted in the cloud, so accessible remotely only through the internet (not on your server) alongside on-site server solutions, which means software installed locally on your computer.

When combining both technologies you open your business up for not only cost and time saving opportunities but also to a more flexible environment where the choice of the best option can be very intuitive.


When deciding on new software within a hybrid environment you have the freedom to compare a larger range of quality, features and pricing if you can look at both local software and cloud solutions.


A cloud solution can easily grow and shrink with your staff count and your needs in terms of features. You can often scale down your costs just by changing package. You can also grow and scale fast if you’re investing and adding more people to your team.


When selecting new software for your company you can have the pick of the crop. Often cloud software is more forward looking and upgraded more regularly. Having a foot on both sides of the river helps you select the best option for your environment every time. Off-the-shelf software is still an option but being able to weigh up many options is very important for your long term business strategy. Often software will give you development roadmaps so you know what features you can expect in the future.


Security needs and levels really vary. However your concern should stop with that of your business needs. Make sure you’re only sticking to rigid solutions for the security measures that really matter to your business. Differentiate between the various levels of security required and make sure you consult with a professional to help you discern which parts of your operation should priorities flexibility over security. These bits will probably be a good match for cloud solutions. A hybrid environment should allow you to connect online and on-site systems

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