6 benefits of hybrid cloud computing for any business

Kristianne Azzopardi

Hybrid cloud computing provides many benefits. It is the balance of on-premise servers and cloud storage, services and software that makes up the technical infrastructure of your company.

1. Hybrid cloud computing; Security where it matters

Hybrid cloud set-ups help you keep your peace of mind. If there is information in your company that is not required for the day-to-day running of the business and is sensitive to the survival or competitively of your business, this data can sit nicely in the safe arms of your on-premise server. Compatible cloud solutions can then be deployed for other requirements.

2. Stay ahead of the times and your competition with cloud software

Running a hybrid environment of cloud and on-premise means that you can easily integrate with cloud software. A lot of employee and client-facing operations today can be run on cloud software. This is the ideal environment because:

  • cost is often low and charged per user
  • you get access from everywhere
  • they software is constantly updated and requires no upkeep
  • it comes with great customer support
  • it can scale with your business effortlessly

3. Prioritise speed where it matter

A hybrid cloud environment will allow you to run different data on different platforms and also using different services. When optimising your infrastructure you can make sure that your client-facing or critical employee interfaces run as fast as possible. You want to make sure that any and all systems that are connected to your sales team and your reputation are optimised for speed.

4. Share and Collaborate
Cloud environments allow your employees to share non-sensitive information easily and swiftly. Even in real time. This allows them to collaborate remotely, share data without waiting for end of day or office meetings and even support each other without being in the same office.

5. Get a clear picture; data and reporting

No matter what business you’re in. Easy access to reporting and data is going to help you be more profitable and grow better. A hybrid environment may present some challenges when it comes to reporting, however sticking to compatible platforms from one supplier such as Microsoft will make sure you can aggregate data for clear reporting.

6. Work more flexibly

Having all your employee and non-sensitive data on the cloud, will allow you to manage your team even when they’re working remotely. It will also save a lot of time for your sales team who often have to drive back to the office just for reporting purposes. You can save up to a few hours daily of useless driving when your team submits all the data using 4G whilst on the go. This time can be spent selling.

Wondering what kind of set-up could work for your current operations? Speak to a professional?

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