Print your own price tags or it can be a messy affair

Print your own price tags

Kenneth Saliba

If you’re in retail, price tags are the order of the day. Many retail shops that sell daily needs such as the baker, fish monger, the butcher, the supermarket, the mini market and the vegetable shop require price signs that often come into contact with humid or wet produce.

If you’re in one of these businesses you probably know the struggle well.

Why Printed Price Tags

You have probably tried everything already. From handmade labels to folded tags, to laminated printing. But, as soon as you wash them, the water gets inside. Slate and chalk are another option, but it can get really messy.

The writing is also not very nice and clear and leaving this to staff often means your sins will have spelling mistakes and sometimes pricing mistakes too.

The Edikio Tag Printing System, allows you to print your own politic pricing takes effortlessly. They look very neat and can be easily branded. Your spelling will always be correct and you can save and reuse any and all designs in the software that come with the Edikio Tag Printing System.

You will be delighted with the ease and cleanliness of the printed plastic tags. It will make your shop look instantly more professional and help  you comply with health standards because certain materials such as cardboard and chalk are not supposed to be mixed with fresh produce because they harbour bacteria.

It will make your life easier. Save you money and make your store more attractive with various options for the customization you need.

Using the Edikio Price Tag Solutions, you can print your own price tags on plastic cards. The system is made up of software, a printer and consumables (inks and parts). It’s truly the quickest and easiest way to print your price tags as the need arises without relying on a third party supplier. Print them yourself, how you need them, when you need them. We will be there to support you every step of the way. At Intercomp we can not only provide the hardware but all make sure that your equipment and software run smoothly. We also provide you with all the consumables and accessories you need.

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