Shredding is an integral part of many business operations, whether it is to protect data or simply to condense packaging waste.

Intercomp stocks a wide range of packaging waste shredders and balers. We also understand that our clients need solutions that can help them keep their data safe by destroying redundant documents and hardware which could be used to harvest data which can get into the hands of your competitors.

Document Shredding

All businesses need to make sure that their security is up to standard. Not all threats can come from hacking, phishing or ransomware and sometimes it is about destroying hard material data that could get into the wrong hands.

We have a wide range of shredders suited for every need and load, whether it is a daily routine or an annual clean up.

Our range HSM devices will not only shred your documents, but do so in such a way which will make them impossible to decipher, even if someone attempts to piece them back together, giving you the peace of mind that the data has been destroyed for ever.

Hard Disk Shredding

Intercomp stocks HSM hard Drive shredders which can reduce former mines of data into unusable pieces of metal in a matter of minutes. They are 100 percent secure, economical, efficient and data policy compliant.

Have you ever tried to destroy a hard disk by hand? It’s not as easy as you would think and data can often be pieced back together.

With an HSM hard drive shredder, the hard disk is reduced to tiny little pieces making it totally impossible to recreate any data entries.

Secure, data policy compliant and economical. This hard drive shredder shreds digital data carriers into tiny particles and makes data re-creation virtually impossible.

Hard Disk Shredding

Packaging Shredding

Does your business require packaging shredding? HSM packaging shredding can be re purposed into cardboard padding, and new packaging materials. The system is efficient and kind on the environment.

The easy and flexible creation of packaging material made of cardboard is economical and ecological.



We also stock HSM baling presses which take recyclable materials and compress them into bales which reduce the volume of waste by up to 95 percent. In storage businesses, space is at a premium and one of these machines will give you more floorspace instantly.

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