The business world is becoming increasingly more digitised and scanning has various important functions in this digital space.

Barcode Scanners

These pieces of equipment are essential for any retail business. Manually inputting barcodes and prices costs valuable time and negatively impacts on the customer experience as they are left waiting in queues.

Installing bar code scanners allows your staff to move items through at a much faster pace, keeping your clients happy, boosting productivity as well as reducing the incidence of human error.

Intercomp stocks a large selection of barcode scanners suitable for different types of business activity. These include different types of retail scanners, heavy duty warehouse scanners, medical scanners and more.

Document Scanners

Sometimes businesses require a hard copy of documents for storage, safe keeping and use in meetings.

In the past, typists used to perform the function of producing typed out documents, but this costs time and money, is prone to human error and is simply not efficient.

Enter the digital document scanner. Intercomp stocks a wide range of document scanners that can handle any workload, from light use through to consistent scanning of a variety of documents.

The scanners retain formatting, intelligently reproducing type and converting it into text which can subsequently be edited on screen.

Desktop Scanners

Portable Scanners

Brother is one of the most renowned name in scanning technology, founded in Japan with roots going back to 1908.

Intercomp stocks the Brother Mobile Document Scanner DS-720D which is ideal for environments which are fast paced and in need of quick solutions on the fly.

The DS-720D is lightweight and compact. It is ideal for hotdesking scenarios and places where information needs to be obtained and distributed fast.

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