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Borda Technology is a product and solution development and system integration company specializing in RFID Real Time Location Systems, asset management, stock and inventory management, and business analytics.


Asset management

Your organization needs a fixed asset management solution because using assets inefficiently costs money: in over-purchases or because of the need for rentals when assets aren’t where they should be and no one can find them. Even more importantly, in the healthcare industry, knowing where your assets are when you need them can literally be a matter of life or death.

Borda Asset Management Solution

Zonal Tracking Solution

Through establishing virtual zones via checkpoints, you have the opportunity to detect assets and people automatically and create alerts, if needed.

Healthcare Quality: Solution makes it possible to ascertain the convenience of equipment on a zonal basis, such as an operating theater, inpatient room or laboratory.

Cost Reduction: Keeping a zonal basis track of assets heads off lost or stolen occurrences. Since you have more awareness of your assets, utilization increases, and the cost due to new purchases decreases.

RFID Zonal Tracking Solution

Real-Time Tracking Solutions

Increase awareness on people, assets and environmental conditions in real-time or within the particular time.

Solution improves utilization of processes and assets, eliminates unauthorized access and improves patients safety and regulatory compliance’s.

Healthcare Quality: You have the ability to enhance doctor/nurse/patient interactions and patient satisfaction, decrease time wasted in processes, reduce safety risks and offer better regulatory compliance.

Cost Reduction: Your productivity and efficiency dramatically increases, and the risk of lost/stolen assets, breakdown, drug corruption and lost time by personnel significantly reduces.

Real-Time Tracking Solution

RFID Stock Management Solution

Improves visibility of stock inventory to better manage drugs and medical items.

Solution gives you the ability to monitor the actual amount of stock and provide the fastest and most accurate inventory count and sotck in and out process.

Healthcare Quality: Solution minimizes drug related risks, accelerates your item supply chain and also treatment. By matching drugs to patients, solution reduces the risk of malpractice.

Cost Reduction: Solution minimizes total inventory costs, reduces the risk of lost/stolen items and prevents over purchases, and also reduces insurance costs and lost time by personnel at your hospital.

Stock Management Solution

Business Analytics

Solution offers you self-awareness of your hospital and the ability to effectively identify and measure processes. KPIs, determined according to BI tolls and alerts, can be generated automatically and notify you instantly.

Healthcare Quality: With the aid of BI tools, you are able to optimize processes, come up with a new approach and manage your KPIs in order to increase the quality of healthcare.

Cost Reduction: Improving processes, defining savings opportunities, increasing your asset utilization rate, preventing lost/ stolen assets and much more, make a huge impact on your profitability

Business Analytics

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