Label Printing

Labelling is an essential part of keeping any business organised – a place for everything and everything in its place – as the old saying goes, but have you ever considered label printing?

Instead of having to manually cut strips of sticky labels and writing things down, you could let a machine do the work for you saving you time and money.

Handwritten labels deteriorate over time and the ink fades. If you use a labelling machine, the labels will be conveniently printed onto custom built laminate tape which will stand the test of time.

Brother Label Printers

Japanese brand Brother is a world leader for handheld label printers. These machines are not much larger than a standard smartphone, making them highly portable for use while on the move, or in the office or a sector which requires a lot of moving around.

The concept is simple. All you need to do is key in the text, numbers or symbols that you want to be on the actual label.

You can customise font, style, borders and white space on the label and then all you have to do is press ‘print’.

The battery operated label printer will produce the label and it also includes a handy clipper that cuts the freshly produced label. It can also be used for tag printing.

What can you use the labels for?

You can use these labelling devices for anything from ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’ in the canteen room to shelf space, ingredients, product names, files… anything at all that you can think of!

Brother Label Printers

Brother Label Office Printer

This printer is designed for office use. Labels are clear, easy to read and neat. Say goodbye to office clutter and turn over a new leaf where you can find everything quickly and easily.

Brother Industrial Label Printer

Brother Industrial Label Printer

If you run a warehousing business, then this label printer is designed specifically for what you need. These durable hand held label printers are designed for intensive use.

Healthcare Label Printing

If you are in the healthcare sector, point of care and wristband labelling is something you should definitely consider. The Brother Healthcare Label printer is designed specifically for the medical sector and tailored for use to help patients and to label treatment, drugs and more.

Electrical and Network

These label printers are designed specifically Ideal for specialist electrician or network infrastructure installers to label cables, wires and conduits.

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