Wide range of bespoke, interactive, self-service, touch screen kiosk solutions. We specialise in offering our customers a tailored kiosk design but also have a wide range of off-the-shelf options.

Ticket Kiosk

  • Removes cash from buses and ticket machines ¬†which is expensive to manage
  • Registered cards can allow public to cancel or re-claim lost tickets
  • Ability to advance purchase at convenient locations, e.g online, kiosks, ticket offices
  • Speeds up boarding times and reduced queues
Ticket Kiosk
Freestanding Kiosks


Freestanding interactive kiosks can be tailored for a variety of applications, designed to meet the needs of your market. They can make a great visual impression on customers, with a robust construction built for heavy daily usage. We have a large range of DDA compliant kiosks for your business, which are easily accessible to all users.

Desktop Kiosks

More authority than a simple touch screen monitor or panel PC, these desktop kiosks occupy a very small footprint. Lightweight and portable, our desk mounted kiosks offer flexibility in the office or reception area.

Desktop Kiosks


Self serve solution provider in that they manufacture touch screen vending kiosks that can dispense a physical product.

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