Cash Registers and POS

Cash registers are an integral part of the Maltese economy and tax system. They were introduced in the original runup to Malta’s accession to the European Union as part of a harmonisation drive to ensure the smooth transposition of EU regulations on retail and trade into Maltese law.

At first, as with all change, there was resistance, but cash registers and POS have now become part and parcel of the retail industry in Malta. In fact, you wouldn’t take a business seriously if it did not have a cash register that looks the part and does what it is supposed to do – record the transaction, register and calculate tax and produce a record of it for the customer, the seller and, of course, the tax department.

Fiscal Cash Registers

If your business is involved in retail, then you will, by law, need a cash register. You may be setting up a new business, or you may be looking to upgrade your device. Intercomp has the ideal solution for you.

Our cash registers are affordable, easy to use and fully compliant with Maltese law. Cash registers are required to not only register a sale and produce a receipt, but also to record the transaction for tax paying purposes at the end of the financial year.

Our solutions will allow you to plug in and play with minimum fuss, resting assured that all your legal obligations are being fulfilled.

QUORiOn has been involved in producing effective and affordable cash registers for the last 20 years.

You can easily connect these devices to mobile apps and POS peripheral devices through wireless network, USB and/or SD slots.

POS systems for various industries

We understand that not all businesses want a sit on top of the desk cash register system, which is why Intercomp stocks QUORiON Retail POS Systems.

The QMP2000 series is still a traditional type of cash register, but comes in two different forms. One is designed for a retail setting while the other has a flat ‘set price’ which is designed for cafes, restaurants or fast food outlets.

Both devices can be setup for standard sales, scanning and remote printers for bar or kitchen areas to process orders and send them through. The settings are totally customisable and you can programme your system to transfer data over your network.

You can also handle loyalty schemes, data reporting and customer account management at the touch of a button.

These systems are designed to improve efficiency, eliminate errors and allow for future planning with superior data insights.


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