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Voice telephony has come a long way since the days of switchboards and operators, but it is still one of the most important forms of communication that a business can have with its customers.

Chat bots and review boards are taking up some of the communication time that businesses have with clients, but when it comes to queries, complaints, returns and similar matters, another person on the other end of the phone is still the most effective way to deal with such situations.

In the modern working environment, it makes more sense to deploy a PBX system which is fully operational over the internet.


Cash Register and POS

Cash registers are an integral part of the Maltese economy and tax system. They were introduced in the original runup to Malta’s accession to the European Union as part of a harmonisation drive to ensure the smooth transposition of EU regulations on retail and trade into Maltese law.

At first, as with all change, there was resistance, but cash registers and POS have now become part and parcel of the retail industry in Malta. In fact, you wouldn’t take a business seriously if it did not have a cash register that looks the part and does what it is supposed to do – record the transaction, register and calculate tax and produce a record of it for the customer, the seller and, of course, the tax department.


The business world is becoming increasingly more digitised and scanning has various important functions in this digital space.

Desktop Scanners


While the business space is moving towards digitisation, many organisations still need document printing solutions.

This could be for a variety of reasons: Legal, obligational towards the client, redundancy and fallback strategy and much more.

Here at Intercomp we know that some businesses require physical document creation solutions that can marry up to digitised processes to give the best of both worlds.

We stock a huge range of Sharp, Brother and Lexmark devices which can fit the most demanding of needs.


Shredding is an integral part of many business operations, whether it is to protect data or simply to condense packaging waste.

Intercomp stocks a wide range of packaging waste shredders and balers. We also understand that our clients need solutions that can help them keep their data safe by destroying redundant documents and hardware which could be used to harvest data which can get into the hands of your competitors.

Document Shredding
Professional Displays

Video Wall Solutions

Video is the king of content. As the business world has experienced first hand over the last decade, video is the most engaging way to get customers involved with your brand.

It is also a great way to unlock the creativity of employees and team members during meetings and presentations.

Video wall solutions allow you to project your idea with a vivid touch that you simply cannot achieve through traditional pen and paper presentations.

Intercomp stocks a wide range of video wall solutions offered by industry leader Sharp. Whether it is digital signage, interactive displays, video walls, static displays or banner advertising, Sharp has every angle covered and offers bespoke solutions for every business need.

Label Printing

Labelling is an essential part of keeping any business organised – a place for everything and everything in its place – as the old saying goes, but have you ever considered label printing?

Instead of having to manually cut strips of sticky labels and writing things down, you could let a machine do the work for you saving you time and money.

Handwritten labels deteriorate over time and the ink fades. If you use a labelling machine, the labels will be conveniently printed onto custom built laminate tape which will stand the test of time.

Brother Label Printers

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