You might know that your business has one, but many people end up asking what a server is, what it does and why they actually need one.

In its simplest form, a server is a computer that acts as a centralised data centre allowing different users on different machines to log into destinations which are not physically on their computer.

Think of it as the central hub which allows sharing of data through a network system. An example could be clicking into the Sales Department computer to check invoices against delivery, even though you are in a separate room on a separate computer.

Servers are connected to workstations through a network cable, which allows everyone to communicate and share data.

Intercomp stocks a variety of server solutions tailored to all business needs.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers

If you want more bang for your euro, the PowerEdge is a high-end server delivering results against a very reasonable price.

This type of server is ideal for extensive home use, home offices and small to medium sized businesses.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers are highly efficient and with in-built security and management features they provide an ideal working infrastructure.

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

These incredibly powerful machines have earned the nickname of ‘the servers for IT people’. The Rack Servers are designed to meet the most challenging workloads with plenty of inbuilt (and expandable memory) to handle any job.

These servers also use OpenManage systems to boost efficiency, security and manageability.

The software that runs on these servers is intelligent, learning as it goes to continue to streamline operations and do more with less, freeing up processing power along the way. These servers are ideal for High Performance Computing (HPC) functions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), business insights and intelligence, big data storage, database warehousing and large-scale collaborative tasks.

Dell PowerEdge Server Solutions

Modular Servers

Dell’s Modular Servers allow users to construct their IT infrastructure to suit their needs. The best thing about them is that you can add to them as you go along, eliminating the need for big expensive upgrades.

This server setup is a great choice for increased lifetime value and return on investment without compromising on quality.

The systems also allow for integration with future technologies, a great workhorse in the Dell’s server arsenal.

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