Dell EMC Compellent storage solutions

Data storage structures have traditionally been costly and complicated with onsite hardware tied to software licencing.

This setup has a number of drawbacks, the first being the high cost that a business pays out. Such units are cumbersome by nature and take up valuable floorspace. You also need to have a dedicated IT support employee to handle maintenance and upgrades as well as the electricity needed to keep the storage centre running.

All this drives up costs, makes things more complex and ultimately, eats into your bottom line.

Dell acquired Compellent in 2011 to incorporate their expertise in storage centres. Intercomp stocks a wide range of Dell Compellent storage solutions to fit the needs of any business.

Compellent solutions offer end to end integration of server and networking processes coupled with ultra-dense storage comprising virtual cloud, flash, solid state, hard drives and much more. In short, the Dell philosophy of providing the exact solution to a very specific need.

Scalable architecture

Dell Compellent EMC storage solutions are built from the get-go with virtual environments in mind. This means that it is easy to scale up or down according to your storage needs. Using Dell also allows you to integrate any of their other end-to-end solutions with minimal fuss and inconvenience by utilising common technology and software to minimise conflicts and glitches.

The power to do more

Dell EMC Storage SC Series

Intercomp also stocks the Dell EMC SC Series. This versatile and cost-effective data solution performs like a star in the most demanding of situations.

With this setup, your data storage will be 100 percent virtualised and delivers top performance in the harshest of setups by minimising the number of drives in use to help you manage your workload more effectively.

The intelligent setup immediately identifies which data is ‘hot’ – meaning that it is in use intensively, or ‘cold’, meaning that it is not used that frequently.

The system will store hot data on high performance drives and cold data on high capacity drives and is responsive to automated and manual clues of which data needs to be shifted in priority.

The SC series also utilises provisioning, snapshots, cloning and block-deduplication on Hard Disk Drives or Flash Drives.

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