Server Managed Services

As infrastructure evolves, managing it can become increasingly complex and/or require specialized skillsets. Keeping up to date on the latest technologies and systems often necessitates dedicated resources, not to mention budgets to staff those roles. With Intercomp Managed Services, we take these operational burdens off your IT teams so they can focus on what will drive your business

By creating a secure environment from the start, we recognise any vulnerabilities and immediately begin to resolve them allowing you to work with confidence knowing your information and systems are secure.

Deploying the latest software and hardware solutions, Intercomp Business, ensures that your systems are always upto-date against known and future threats.

Managing your security infrastructure

Our dedicated support team provide continuous monitoring of your assets and infrastructure to ensure your protection. Coupled with hands-on assistance and immediate escalation for urgent issues, Intercomp Business provides a speedy resolution to keep your mission-critical systems up and running.

Keep your mission-critical systems up and running

We hold certifications in Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Sonic Wall, Veeam and more, and have experience of working complex systems. Uptime and the wellbeing of your servers is what matters most. We can make it all available 24/7/365. Whether on premise or in the cloud, we’ll ensure it’s up, healthy and delivering the very best experience for you and your team.

Server Managed Services
Server Managed Services

We know that server management isn’t always the same, so we monitor even the smallest things to give proactive notice to ensure your productivity is never interrupted.

We will provide:
• 24/7 performance monitoring
• Event management monitoring and remediation
• Incident management monitoring and remediation
• Patch Management
• Hardware and software performance data
• Service delivery management
• Network Traffic data monitoring
• Unlimited server support requests
• Immediate response and intervention during outage
• Anti-Virus Software Management and Updating
• Proactive Monitoring and Removal of Virus, Spyware and Malware and System Cleaning
• Server Event Log Monitoring and Trending
• Monitoring for Stopped or Failed Services
• Automated Drive and Raid Failures
• Performance Monitoring (Memory, Hard Drive and CPU)
• Software Install and Uninstall Monitoring
• Monitor for Blacklisted Software Installs
• VM Host Monitoring

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