Security and Network Management

An efficient network will usually involve a setup including a server, router and switches. It’s essential to get the right mix for your business.

If you need more network connections over a longer distance, then you will most definitely need good quality and high-speed switches to get the signal to where it needs to go.

There is also the virtual cloud-based network concept which is gaining in traction due to its simplicity, reduced costs and ease of use.

Luckily for you, Intercomp has all bases covered, offering a great selection of servers, switches and cloud-based network management solutions for any business’ needs.

Whether you are looking for a traditional local area network setup or a more modern approach, Intercomp stocks the best systems which are available on the market.

The Dell Networking X-Series

Intercomp stocks a wide selection of Dell Ethernet switches from 1GB up to 10 GB. These switches are designed for smaller or medium sized businesses. They are affordable, reliable and offer a host of features to bolster your network.

Setting the switches up is simple and foolproof, demonstrating plug in and play features.

The switches also use standard computer tech language, meaning that they are easy to use for intermediate users. There range of switch ports ranges from 10 up to 40, allowing for a patch panel which can grow according to your needs.

These switches are also suitable for gaming communities that gather over a local area network to play multiplayer games.


Aerohive solutions offer cloud-powered wifi and fixed networking without huge operational costs and complications. It features flexible architecture to tailor the system to your specific needs. The setup is not static and may be changed as your business needs change in the future.

With Aerohive, you do not need a fixed controller thanks to the system’s intelligently embedded access points. The system also includes ‘best path forwarding’ to increase efficiency and signal.

Aerohive is cloud based meaning that you save money on hardware, software and any licences.

The system also features a real-time dashboard meaning that you can check on the health of your network at any time.

Unparalleled real-time visibility

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