Network Managed Services

Our managed network service takes care of the day-to-day management of your network’s operations, providing improved availability and guaranteeing continuity.

Managing your security infrastructure is not just about keeping your network up to date with patches and fixes but also the below:

• Ensuring that security measures are current
• Responding to critical alerts
• Compiling management reports
• Providing guidance on optimising network configurations.

Managing your security infrastructure

Security policies and configurations need to be updated to ensure that appropriate access controls are compatible with the changing operational environment. For this reason, managing a security environment is complex and time-consuming. It requires specialised and readily available knowledge to monitor and maintain systems.

Our managed network service facilitates

Our Managed network service facilitates technological adaptation by enriching your IT team with certified and accredited network specialists. Our experts will provide the highest level of configuration and tuning as well as 24/7 management and monitoring services.

We will provide:
• 24/7 performance polling & monitoring
• Event management
• Incident management
• Change management & security policy change reporting
• Automated Backup Configuration
• Reporting (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
• Hardware and software performance data
• Service delivery management
• Netflow reporting and alerting

Firewall Managed Services

Our managed network services, deliver consistent and prevention-focused networking device management. Having your devices managed by our industry leading experts means boosting your security and reducing the workload of your security engineers and managers.

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