Baas: Back up as a service – why it’s the future.

Kristianne Azzopardi

Data is the currency of modern business. it is critical to organisational health. Maintaining data integrity is critical to business continuity. On-premise solutions often leave security holes and adding capacity requires expensive capital expenditure. Eliminating on-premise whilst making sure that all data is protected is a headache every manager would like to avoid. Back up as a service comes to the rescue.

Microsoft Azure addresses this problem with its availability on demand cloud backup solution. It makes moving to the cloud much easier. it helps you extend your storage to a fully hybrid solution or migrate fully to an Azure solution. It allows you to supplement existing on premise solutions or if you’re ready completely replace them. By replacing them entirely you could lower total costs whilst benefiting from a scalable, reliable and securely encrypted cloud back-up solution.

This solution gives you maximum coverage and you do not need to worry about synchronising back-ups or data loss anymore. It will help you eliminate an off-site tape back-up solution. It also helps you meet regulatory data retention required by law without having to constantly extend your premises for storage space. It also backs up any additional services you may be using on public, hosted or private cloud.

Azure BaaS also supports a variety of applications including File Servers, SQL Server, 
Sharepoint Exchange and Windows Client. It helps you safeguard client files, data and folders.

It allows any business to have confidence in the security of their data with cutting edge privacy and compliance practices including GDPR.

Azure back-up as a service also provides space saving and cost-saving because it saves in incremental backups, this means that only updated blocks of data are uploaded to the cloud. This reduces the space required for the back-ups and the bandwidth it takes to upload, reducing costs and usage all around. Transmission and storage requirements are minimised in comparison to on-premise solutions.

The Azure Baas (back up as a service) provides benefits that were not possible with traditional on-premise solutions. It is the right solution for companies that are looking to create a solid long-term solution that resolves all their backup requirements. it is a scalable solution that can grow with your business and is therefore an investment in your business’ continuity and long term sustainability plan.

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