Azure Storage

Offload the heavy lifting of data centre management

Range of solutions for your needs – Scalability you won’t outgrow – Flexible as your needs change – Lower costs, and pay only for what you need


Simple, distributed cross-platform file system

  • Lift and shift migration
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Move data to cloud with no coding


Premium storage for I/O-intensive applications

  • Low latency, high throughput
  • Automatic triple replication
  • Enterprise-grade durability


Massively scalable object storage for unstructured data

  • Cost-effective for massive volume
  • Tiered storage options
  • Single infrastructure with global reach


Durable queues for large-volume cloud services

  • Simple, cost-effective messaging
  • Decoupled component flexibility
  • Resilient scaling and buffering


Flexible NoSQL database

  • Key-value table storage
  • Structured or unstructured data
  • Low latency at Internet scale


Leading price point for storing rarely accessed data

  • Data automatically encrypted at rest
  • Seamless integration with hot and cool storage tiers
  • Supported by leading Data Management partners

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